Three classic cars are now in the hands of new drivers as part of the Classic Car Loan Project, now in its second year, following the hand-over at The British Motor Museum in April.
This year’s loan cars are a:
1929 Ford Model A Phaeton (tourer)
1934 Morgan Super Sports (3 wheeler)
1960 Vauxhall Victor
all generously loaned-out for 12 months. Project Manager, Bob Wilkinson, is collecting regular reports from the new drivers as they embark on their year-long loan period.
Their stories are typical of the pleasures and trials of classic motoring...
Sara Jordan is having “great fun after getting used to double declutching during changes on the non-synchro gearbox”.
Her latest report reveals: “On Sunday 29th April I drove the car over to Toddington train station for Wartime in the Cotswolds. There were lots of vintage vehicles and everyone dressed up. I had a great time and even got to go on the train. On another trip I drove the Model A over to watch the Curborough speed trials. I had a great run over and so enjoyed having the top down in all that sun. I have met some more very nice people that have welcomed me in to the vintage car family with open arms. I enjoyed looking at all the vintage cars so that I can get an idea of what vehicle I will buy myself. Everyone I have met has been so helpful. One group has welcomed me and we go out for drives and cake on Sundays. I am so looking forward to the rest of the year and will keep you updated with what happens. I am so lucky to have had this opportunity. Minor repairs to a stoplight and speedo cable have been the only times I have got my hands dirty far!”
Tom Pocock was quickly at home with the 1960 Victor. He says:gearbox”.
“Luckily the Victor shares a modern layout and many modern conveniences such as a synchromesh gearbox and windscreen wipers. Unfortunately, we did miss a few things like seatbelts! The first thing that hit me was the smell, nothing quite smells like a classic! It took a few laps round the practise area at Gaydon to get the hang of the column gear shift. The journey home passed without incident but we did get many smiles and waves! The car certainly draws plenty of positive attention! The trip flew past and soon we were parked up in Mary’s family farm in Kent. Unfortunately on our next trip the Victor decided to overheat and help was sought from the AA - the mechanic was by coincidence another classic owner! At present, with support from the Vauxhall club we are investigating the cause of the overheating....once solved we will no doubt continue to enjoy the experience. I wanted to extend my thanks to the Vauxhall Victor Owners Club, Peter James Insurance and Bob for putting the whole scheme in place. I’m immensely looking forward to the year and sharing the joy of classic ownership.”    
Holly Davies is having trouble when she waves to excited spotters of the Morgan 3 wheeler ‘Mabel’.gearbox”.
Holly writes: “From Gaydon we visited Curborough Sprint Track to meet the rest of the Morgan Three Wheeler club. The club were welcoming, friendly and intrigued to know more about the loan project and our year ahead. After a quick meet and greet I set off for the 20 mile drive home to Derby with my father as my passenger. The driving experience is unlike anything I’ve done before and I have to say it’s made my Fiesta ST look tame. There is nothing better than motoring through the English countryside with the wind in your hair, waving to passers-by. Although I have to learn not to wave with my right hand as we slow down quite quickly when I drop the hand throttle!

Holly added: “I’ve been sharing photos of Mabel on Instagram using the hashtag #livingwithmabel so if anyone does want to follow our year they just need to search for that. It’s what all the kids are doing these days apparently! For my husband’s first passenger ride in Mabel we headed the 3 short miles down to the village near us. We became part of a motorcycle ride out at one point, surrounded by old bikes. I am getting used to nodding back to these guys now as they recognise what is essentially a motorbike with an extra wheel! Mabel became a beautiful garden ornament on Sunday 15th April as we celebrated Mum’s birthday with a family party at my parents’ house. I’m not sure Dad was as impressed as I was with the skid marks I left as I tried to get round the house and under the trees on the way into the garden!” Then a problem... The starter motor has started to move out of mesh with the flywheel so being an engineer I will sort this once the burn on my nose has healed ....a result of getting too close to the hot exhaust!”


Check out these videos of Holly and Mabel

Project Manager, Bob Wilkinson, says: “Readers will relate to these exploits, which are all part of the fun of classic motoring, and we will hear more from our young enthusiasts through the summer. “It takes months to organise the scheme so I am looking now for more cars to be included in the project next season. We are fortunate to have the backing of Peter James Insurance, Longstone Tyres and the relevant owners clubs to give viability and credibility to this initiative to encourage the next generation.”
Project supporter Peter James Insurance has provided £100 of insurance to the borrower of each car.
Peter James explained: “It’s fantastic to hear from the borrowers about all their experiences and how they have been so warmly welcomed into the classic car community - which is what this project is all about.”
Do you or your club want to be part of this project next season?
Contact Bob Wilkinson.  

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